MIS now know as TMS on SVTV in SD.

cute-TVMornings in Sonoma was launched on SonomaTV somewhere around 2007. It started out with a foggy single camera with slightly out of sync audio. Enough to be irritating. A few years later we switched it to a 3 camera switchable feed with better audio. In the mix of the last couple of years we changed locations and also changed hosts. And we changed the name of the show. The Morning Show was hosted by Stevie Steele and Leslie Tippell for the last couple of years. Moving to our new location at 680 w. Napa St. created a lot of logistical problems with the TV link. We tried several methods that wouldn’t break the bank with a whole lot of failures. Necessity is the truly the mother of invention. We figured it out and we got it. The Morning Show starting today is live on SVTV. It is in Beta testing at the point and is very plain and in Standard Def. We will be adding shots camera and hoopty doos as we go. Maybe even HD cameras.

The Morning Show, for those who didn’t know, is hosted by a talented set of hosts throughout the week. Monday is Marcia Macomber, Tuesday is Andrea Davis-Cetina, Wednesday is Natalie Kling, Thursday is Leslie Tippell and Friday is newcomer Christa Granton.

The Morning Show Broadcast Breakdown:

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