Scheduling and Everything


This week we’ve been working on the SVTV TV schedule. Keeping it updated has been difficult because are several different types of calendars involved. Today we launched a new method which reduces it to one calendar system. It is on the edge of being kludgey but much easier to handle than it has been in the past. We expect errors for a week or two.

Along with that we’ve brought back out Earthquake Feed. This is a feed from the USGS earthquake site that lists all of the earthquakes above 1.0 around world. I find this quite mesmerizing to watch.

Going from 3 squares back to square 1. We’ve returned the Loop Feed from the TV to only be in one pane. Originally it was 1 pane then we changed it to 3 and now it is back to one. The loop feed is a series of different videos and slides that plays when we don’t have a scheduled item lined up.