Sonoma Valley Television and KSVY Sites

We are updating our web sites for KSVY and SVTV 27. The first phase has been completed which is the TV web site, At this point it is pretty simple and gets the basic elements out there. We will add more features as we puzzle through them and have to get the programming done. Up next is the KSVY site, most likely it will be live by the end of Oct, 2015. It is much like the old site, just a little cleaner and updated technically. We decided to separate the radio and TV web sites because it was getting too crowded trying to get a whole lot of information about both entities into one page. Like the the TV site, the KSVY site will be stripped down at first and we will add elements as we figure out how and get the time to program it. Often we have to build features from scratch or hack common technologies.