Thank You for Your Support!

BIG thanks out to those who donated to our year end fundraising drive! Your donations will help KSVY and SVTV continue to bring quality information and entertainment to the Sonoma Valley in 2017.

This coming year, we’re looking forward to providing even more support to our local non-profit organizations, expanding our Youth Radio Program, improving our radio and television programming, and increasing our involvement in community activities.

As you might know, KSVY and SVTV are community stations. Unlike public channels, such as KQED, we receive no Federal funding. We rely solely on sponsorships and donations from generous members of our community. Our programs would not be possible without support from people just like YOU!

If you’d like to continue your support, tax-deductible donations are welcome all year-round.

Thank you!
The KSVY Crew
Bob, Stan, John, Takeshi, and our more than 70 radio hosts